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MAY 2015: Philip Segal was interviewed on Fox News about the arrests in Switzerland of several FIFA officials and how the investigation may proceed.

FEBRUARY 2015: Philip Segal was interviewed on Fox Business News about the fight over Robin Williams' estate and what people can do to improve their estate planning. Video here.

JANUARY 2015: Philip Segal was on a legal panel on Fox Business News, debating the lawsuit against Apple for deceptive trade practices. Video here.

DECEMBER 2014: Philip Segal was interviewed on Fox Business News about Real Housewife Teresa Giudice's malpractice lawsuit against her bankruptcy lawyer. Video here.

Philip Segal was interviewed on Aljazeera America about Bill Cosby's legal strategy and statutes of limitations in civil trials.

NOVEMBER 2014: Philip Segal was interviewed on Fox Business News about the fight between Apple and GT Advanced Technologies. Video here.

SEPTEMBER 2014: Philip Segal was interviewed on Fox Business News about the extent that government should regulate retirement accounts. Video here.

The firm's blog entry by Philip Segal, on why  "Digital Assets Can Be Information Assets," was featured in Law Technology News here. See the original article here.

JULY 2014:Philip Segal participated in a discussion on Fox Business News about the legal implications of Bill Ackman’s claim that Herbalife is engaging in criminal activity. Video here.

Philip Segal was interviewed on Bloomberg TV talking about the decline in dark pool trading. Video here.

Philip Segal was interviewed on Bloomberg Television talking about the FBI’s penny-stock fraud cases. Video here

JUNE 2014:Philip Segal was interviewed on Bloomberg TV about New York’s lawsuit against Barclays’s alleged deceptive practice regarding its dark pools and high-frequency traders. Video here.

Philip Segal participated in a legal debate over the case by the U.S. against Lance Armstrong, on Fox Business News. Video to come.

Philip Segal was interviewed on Bloomberg Television on the opening of hearings in Congress on high-frequency trading. Video here.

Philip Segal was interviewed on Bloomberg Television about the investigation into the trading of Carl Icahn and Phil Mickelson. Video here.

MAY 2014: Philip Segal was interviewed on Access Hollywood about the journalist who allegedly attacked Brad Pitt, and security concerns for celebrities. Video here.

Philip Segal was interviewed on Fox News on the trademark dispute involving Skee-Ball. Fox video here.

APRIL 2014: Philip Segal was interviewed on Fox News and Al Jazeera America on the Congressional hearings into recalls by General Motors and accompanying lawsuits. Fox video here.

JANUARY 2014:  Philip Segal's article about limits on employee background checks,"The Right to Be Forgotten," published in The Employment Law Strategist.

Philip Segal was interviewed by Fox News in New York on the legal standards required to prosecute internet scammers.

DECEMBER 2013: Philip Segal was interviewed by Anna Kooiman on Fox and Friends about a criminal case in Texas involving a warrantless search and seizure of evidence from a meth lab.  Watch the clip here.

NOVEMBER 2013: Philip Segal was interviewed by Shepard Smith on Fox News about problems at the Social Security Administration's Death Master File and ways to back-stop database errors.  Watch the clip here.

OCTOBER 2013: Philip Segal's article about the importance of learning fact investigation and marketing,Two Things They Don’t Teach in Law School That Will Help You Keep Your Job,” published in Above the Law.

New York Family Law Monthly published Anastasia Wincorn’s article on “Women Breadwinners and Hidden Assets.”

MAY 2013: FinAlternatives and hedgeweek report on our Hedge Fund investor verification services here: Charles Griffin Launches Investor Accreditation Service.

Hedgeweek's story on the new service is here.

MARCH 2013: Philip Segal published an article in The Hedge Fund Law Report on the new Due Diligence Requirements imposed by the JOBS Act on Hedge Fund Managers for screening clients.

FEBRUARY 2013: Philip Segal was interviewed by Stuart Varney on the Fox Business News program, Varney & Co. about asset searches and our new blog, The Divorce Asset Hunter ( A link to the video can be found here,

Charles Griffin Intelligence launched new blog devoted to tracking down matrimonial assets, The Divorce Asset Hunter ( The firm continues to write The Ethical Investigator, its often-quoted blog begun in 2011.

JANUARY 2013: Philip Segal quoted in Compliance Week on JOBS Act changes to hedge fund investor accreditation: "JOBS Act Puts Spotlight on Investor Accreditation Practices."

Philip Segal quoted on the Manti Te'o story by

NOVEMBER 2012: Philip Segal's article, "Forensic/Leadership Due Diligence in Private Equity, Mergers and Acquisitions" published by Thomson Reuters News & Insight. 

Philip Segal quoted in Corporate Counsel article, "Petraeus, Lockheed, and the Corporate Dangers of Executive Affairs." 

OCTOBER 2012: Philip Segal honored by Lawline as one of the top 40 lawyers that has furthered legal education.

JULY 2012: Philip Segal co-wrote a piece for the New York Law Journal with matrimonial attorney Michael Stutman, "Detecting Hidden Assets During Divorce."

JUNE-JULY 2012: Philip Segal's three-part series on how litigators can use investigators before, during and after litigation has been published by InsideCounsel. Part One: "Locate the Right People Before You Start Litigation." Part Two: "3 Reasons Litigators Might Need Fact-Finding Help During a Trial." Part Three: "5 Tips When Searching for Assets."

MAY 2012: Philip Segal was featured in a story for Business Insider, "Find Out if Your Spouse is Cheating on You By Using Financial Records."

Philip Segal had a piece published in the Bloomberg BNA Family Law Reporter, "Matrimonial Asset Searches: Your Client Knows More than She Thinks."

JANUARY 2011: Charles Griffin Intelligence and Philip Segal featured in Brickunderground's article, "4 Neat Ways to Use an Investigator in a Co-Op or Condo." 

JUNE 2010: Philip Segal, head of Charles Griffin Intelligence, was a speaker at Stanford Law School's 7th Annual E-Commerce Best Practices Conference, which took place on June 25th, 2010. Watch the video of his remarks:

MAY 2010: Bob Scully of The World Show on PBS and Philip Segal, head of New York investigations firm Charles Griffin Intelligence, sit down to discuss due-diligence, background checks and modern investigating.

MARCH 2010: Philip Segal was interviewed by Above The Law writer David Lat as part of the career alternatives series, "Career Alternatives for Attorneys: Private Investigation / Business Intelligence."

FEBRUARY 2010: Philip Segal was quoted in the American Express OPEN Forum article, "16 Things Your Lawyer Won't Tell You."


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