Litigation Support, Asset Searches, Due Diligence, International Matters, Intellectual Property Protection, Consulting for Smaller Companies
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We provide solutions for our clients in all phases of litigation and negotiations. We also provide due diligence, both for businesses that want to protect their interests as they ponder a new joint venture, or for companies, organizations or individuals who need to engage in thorough and discreet screening of potential employees, board members, funders or collaborators. We abide by the highest ethical standards and you can be rest assured that our worldwide network of investigators will be held to the same uncompromising standards we follow at all times. 

Our research combines in-depth analyses of open source information and client documentation with world-class interviewing skills. Our legal training allows us to analyze data and identify the admissible evidence that may make or break a case or give our clients the upper hand in a settlement.  As former journalists, we are professional interviewers, able to use our decades of experience to locate and interview knowledgeable sources.  

We strive to help our clients understand how we get to the results we reach. While some firms like to take their assignment and then return weeks later with a report stuffed full of things a client could already know, we are happy to provide updates as often as clients wish.  Our goal is to collaborate with our clients to deliver the information they need quickly and efficiently.  



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